If you are looking to get a Divorce you have undoubtedly been inundated with websites that promote the idea of doing a divorce on your own. These sites promise you that with a simple click of a button you can be divorced quickly and cheaply. In our ten years of practicing law, we have found that most times clients who opt for the DIY Divorce route find themselves ironically spending more time and money trying to fix the problems they created by trying to do things on their own.

  1. Uncontested Divorce Lawyers know what paperwork your specific case requires. These days there are countless websites promising you that you can “solve your divorce in 3 easy steps”. For two hundred dollars or less, they tell you to download a packet, fill in your information, and file with the Court. If something seems too good to be true and too easy, it probably is. What these sites DO NOT tell you is that the forms on those sites are often outdated and that Courts change and update their local rules regularly. Our lawyers take the time to consult with you, gather information specific to your case, and ensure that we have the appropriate documents filed in your case. This means you can remove the chaos of wondering how, what, where, and if you filed the appropriate paperwork. Our team removes stress.
  2. Uncontested Divorce Lawyers will answer questions that the Court and Court staff cannot or will not answer for you. If you venture out and attempt to do your Divorce on your own, if there is an error, you may never get notice as to what is wrong with your filing. While some Judges offer a courtesy letter spelling out the things you did improperly or notating the things that are missing in your case file, most Courts simply allow the case to sit without moving anything forward. This can be extremely frustrating to spouses who want desperately to move forward. Our team of Uncontested Divorce Lawyers takes the guesswork out of what is needed to move your matter along. In addition to our lawyers, we have dedicated client liaisons and paralegals who keep the case going.
  3. Even when all the parties agree, there are certain documents that are REQUIRED by law that are pretty complicated to understand. Even in an Uncontested Divorce where parties agree on everything including child support, alimony, and property division, parties are required to complete child support worksheets, parenting plans, Domestic Relations Affidavits, Retirement Orders, etc. Our Uncontested Divorce Lawyers are trained to quickly and efficiently complete forms and documents that would drive the average person crazy if they tried to complete them. Not to mention that there are certain things that parties agree to (reduced child support, a special division of retirement, etc.) that require special language in the paperwork in order for the Judge to legally approve the settlement. We help ensure that the agreement you and your spouse arrive to is accepted by the Court.
  4. Uncontested Divorce Lawyers can protect your rights and assets. We have seen countless horror stories where clients have come to us after signing divorce papers without the advice of a lawyer. Many times people have walked away from large property settlements, alimony claims, and even carrying marital debts that they did not realize was the responsibility of both parties. For some of these clients, they came to us in enough time where we were able to reverse the damage and reinstate their claims to certain property and alimony. For others, however, they sought the advice of a lawyer too late and found themselves with nothing and no legal options to fix the problem. Our Uncontested Divorce Lawyers are not here to cause disagreements or strife between you and your spouse, however, we will always advise you of the effects of signing the paperwork as presented to you by your spouse.

The reality is that Divorce does not have to be expensive, but if you go the DIY route, you may end up wasting time and money and even spending more than you would had you originally hired a lawyer to help you. This is why, even in an uncontested divorce, we encourage you to hire an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer to help you.

If you are looking for a flat fee divorce firm with experienced uncontested divorce lawyers at reasonable family law rates, we are here to help!