Bond Hearings in Metro Atlanta Criminal Cases

Our criminal defense lawyers are skilled in securing bonds for clients charged with violating criminal offenses throughout the metro Atlanta area- (including Clayton County, Fayette County, DeKalb County, Fulton County, and Henry County).

Jails tend to be overcrowded and underfunded, so we know full well that your top concern when a loved one is arrested is securing their release as soon as possible.

At Hill Duvernay, when our clients are in need of bond, we become laser-focused and offer you the following guidance:

🔹 Trust in Our Experience – We fight tirelessly to bring your loved ones home.

🔹 Support Every Step of the Way – You have a dedicated team by your side.

🔹 Advocacy That Matters – Because every minute counts. Your fight is our fight. Let’s bring them home together.

We know financially,  you may not be ready or able to retain an attorney for full representation, so we provide “limited scope” or “unbundled services” allowing you to retain our lawyers for the bond phase only.  You can always revisit hiring our Firm for the full case after you have gotten your loved one out of jail.

We are available to assist clients with bond representation in three phases. Phase 1: Pre-Bond Hearing is where we provide protection for clients who have not yet had their bond set.  We work with the decision makers in an attempt to secure bond without waiting for the Court to schedule a bond hearing. Phase 2: Bond Hearing is where we represent the client’s interests before the local Judge or Magistrate.  We work hard to make the judge see your loved one as a person and not just another name on the calendar.   Phase 3: Post-Bond Hearing is where your loved one may have unfortunately been denied bond OR was granted a bond that is too high.  In that instance, we draft motions for the Court and other decision makers to reconsider setting or reducing the bond.

Justice begins here!!!!

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