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Candace Alynn HillReviewsout of 8 reviews


“My attorney, Candace Alynn Hill, was absolutely superb! Candace kept me in the know and was very knowledgeable. Her relentless negotiation skills resulted in my ticket being dismissed! Call her today!!!”

Candace is an extremely professional criminal law attorney intently interested in gaining the most positive outcome available for her client. She carefully weighed the pros and cons of my criminal charges with extreme competence and intelligence. Also, at one of the most difficult times in my life, she gave me a great sense of security because she puts God first. Her faith in God coupled with her awesome training and passion for justice makes her an ideal lawyer for any client! Highly Recommend!”

“I am skeptical of most lawyers. But Attorney Hill-Duvernay is so ethical and respectful, she made me feel better. She’s a fighter too! She knocked my socks off with her intense enthusiasm and oral argument. I never doubted she had my back but she also didn’t gas me up, making promises she couldn’t keep. She kept it real with me, the good and the ugly. She’s a smart negotiator. And because she’s respected by the judge and other attorneys, it helped my case a lot! Her firm really saved my life.”

9.5Candace Alynn Hill

“I had a really bad situation. A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. When the situation happened, I was scared that I would not be able to keep my job or get a new one. A friend told me about Candace Hill and Associates and I called her. She talked to me about my case and about her plan and that calmed me down. She addressed every question and concern I had. I was amazed at how she knew the law and how she did not judge me at all. She was really smart and down to Earth. She gave me a sense that everything was going to be okay. Even though my case was bad, I was not a bad person and she reminded me of that. And she also gave me tough advice but she kept it real with me. She was professional the whole time and earned my trust. I highly recommend her. Her price was good too. She took good care of me. When someone is falsely accused of a crime, they need a great lawyer. I would not go to anyone but Candace. In a way, she saved my life, because I could be locked up right now, not able to see my kids, if it was not for her.”


“I had a family law situation that was very troubling. The fate of my child,yes my child, hung in the balance,yet somehow Attorney Hill was able to provide me with peace about the situation as she professionally and thoroughly handled it. She’s a blessing from God!”

​”I am so thankful for Candace and everything she did for me. She got my divorce and custody issue taken care of in a timely fashion and did not charge me an outrageous amount of money. She is very prompt at returning any emails or phone calls and she truly looked out for my rights and best interest. She is tough and fair. She did for me in a short period of time what other lawyers failed to do for me. I would use Candace again for any type of legal issues that may arise. Super smart, personable and truly an amazing woman and lawyer. Thanks again Candace.”

Avvo Rating Superb: Top Attorney Family

“After several years of being with my husband, we decided to divorce. I never thought this would be my life, and I didn’t know where to begin. My sister told me about Candace Alynn Hill & Associates, LLC. On the very first phone call with Candace, I remember feeling a sense of peace and assurance. She quickly set an appointment, and I met with her one-on-one. She arrived before me and was waiting with a smile. Every time I met or spoke with Candace, she was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. There were so many things about this divorce that were confusing, frustrating, and just down-right ugly. But Candace empowered me and let me make decisions based on what I felt was best for me. Thank God for lawyers who truly care about people and the work they do. Candace, thank you for being so compassionate and patient as I went back and forth about this divorce. I know how hard you worked on this because I got the settlement I deserved!”


“I was struck by a truck as I was walking across the street. I had to have several surgeries and I was terrified of the costs of treatment and hospital bills. Attorney Hill Duvernay and her co-counsel took care of all of my concerns. They were responsive to my calls and questions. They kept me informed of my case’s progress. They were aggressive with the insurance company and got me more than I expected!”

“Candace took on my case when I couldn’t get help from anyone. Her professional demeanor and organized personal injury process completely turned my situation around. Before she took my case the insurance company refused to settle for an appropriate amount. Candace took over with her experience and negotiation skills and I received a very gracious settlement. Couldn’t have done it without her. “


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