New Year, Old Business?

Hill Duvernay & Associates Legal

With each new year comes a new level of excitement!  We enter the New Year with greater goals, ambitions, and dreams than we had the year prior.  For some, however, the New Year is less exciting because they have entered the New Year with unresolved business.  I completely understand the frustration of getting a traffic ticket right before the holidays.  Even worse, I’ve seen clients get sued right before Christmas.  There is no anxiety quite like the anxiety one feels trying to juggle the joy of the holiday season along with the fear of a looming legal matter. As such, many people simply pretend to be an ostrich for a few weeks- hiding their heads in the sand with an “out of sight, out of mind” way of life.


The problem is if you start the New Year with the old business it can put a damper on the momentum to move forward.  Here are ways to take control of your legal matter to regain control of your New Year.

  1. Stop hiding!  Have a consultation with a legal representative as soon as possible to discuss your legal issue.  If you have a court date coming up, the lawyer can help you prepare for what to expect.  If you’ve been served with a petition/lawsuit, a lawyer can guide you and alert you to any mandatory deadlines.  If you were supposed to get your estate plan in order but didn’t do so, a lawyer can give you concrete steps to protect your family.  Most clients find that once they meet with a lawyer- even if they cannot hire right away- they sense an immediate sense of relief. We offer phone and office CONSULTATIONS weekly. Schedule one at your convenience.
  2. Research your legal issue. Nothing makes you feel more in control than knowing a little background about your legal matter.  Our Firm provides free RESOURCES like webcasts, blog articles, and even checklists to get you thinking about your legal situation.  While the resources are purely informational and not a substitute for case-specific legal advice, at least you will get a wealth of general knowledge about your area of law.
  3. Invest in a lawyer and breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, I always suggest that if you can afford to hire an attorney, do so.  The legal system is very tricky and complicated.  Judges and opposing lawyers will expect you to handle your matter with the same level of professionalism and knowledge of the rules as any other practicing lawyer.  Our ATTORNEYS are experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  We would love to be your lawyer!


We wish you a New Year with an abundance of peace, joy, and prosperity!