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Our Uncontested Divorce Lawyers help parties navigate an amicable divorce .
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Do you need an uncontested divorce lawyer?

The answer to this question is simple. Yes! While it is true that to file a divorce in Georgia an attorney is not REQUIRED, it is strongly encouraged.  Uncontested Divorce Lawyers have experience providing the courts with the correct paperwork for your uncontested divorce.  

The rules to finalize an uncontested divorce often differ greatly from county to county. The Divorce packet for a Clayton County Uncontested Divorce will look much different than the Divorce packet for a Henry County Uncontested Divorce. A Fulton County  Uncontested Divorce requires at least two or three more documents than those required for a Fayette County Uncontested Divorce. Why turn a peaceful divorce into a stressful one all because you do not know what, how,  when, or where to file? 

Many get frustrated because a simple divorce starts off easy but ends up taking a long time to resolve.  This happens for any number of reasons but a main one is that spouses do not know all that is required by the Courts.  Choose to remove the chaos and let us take care of everything for you!

At our Firm, we provide flat fee divorce services. This means for a flat rate divorce fee, we take care of all drafting of your paperwork, filing your divorce papers, and appearing in Court if necessary.  We cut out the drama and move your matter quickly.  If you are seeking a flat fee divorce lawyer or an uncontested divorce lawyer, call us today at 770-692-8481 to get started.

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