Atlanta Domestic Violence Lawyers

A large courtroom can be a scary place if you are there for a TPO hearing.

In Georgia, domestic violence hearings are very serious court appearances and whether you are the person seeking a temporary protective order (TPO) or if you are the person defending the TPO, you need help from one of our experienced domestic violence lawyers.

Domestic Violence Lawyers and TPO Prosecution

If you need a Temporary Protective Order because you are the victim of domestic abuse, stalking, or domestic violence, you do not want to seek these protections on your own. Georgia law requires that a hearing be held on all petitions for a temporary protective order. This means that while a Judge may give you a short term order without a hearing, within 30 days you must have a hearing in order for this TPO to stand. At this hearing, you are expected to present evidence and/or witnesses to convince the Judge why your petition should be granted. If you are not familiar with Court processes and procedures you may find your application denied. Do not take that risk. Let our experienced TPO lawyers help you.

Domestic Violence Lawyers and TPO Defense

When you are accused of something as serious as domestic abuse, you need the best domestic violence lawyers available. If a TPO request is granted, it can have long-lasting impacts on your rights in Georgia and it can have great implications if you have pending domestic violence criminal charges. This is especially true in Georgia where TPO hearings are held within 30 days of the initial application. Our team of experienced domestic violence lawyers work directly with you to understand the history between the parties, get your side of the story, and prepare the best possible presentation for the Court. Once we have resolved the TPO aspect of your case, if you have remaining criminal charges, our criminal defense team stands ready to take over your representation.

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